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The value of technology

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in our work. It is essential for having a well-oiled collaboration between marketing and sales, which in turn contributes to the realization of business growth. With the right marketing and sales technology, you create alignment between marketing and sales. This refers to tools and software, but also to the way in which they are used; is this in line with the objectives, identity and size of the organization?

Technology can mean a lot to the marketing and sales department. You can automate processes that increase efficiency, send personalized content that improves contact with potential customers, collect data about your prospects and respond to it. You can also gain insight into the performance of campaigns by means of data analysis. The possibilities are therefore huge and are only increasing. By making optimal use of the opportunities offered by new technological developments, you ensure that your marketing and sales (continue to) lead the way.  Wondering what technologies we’re talking about? Continue reading to find the tools and software that can help out your organization.


Marketing technology

Technology is the driving force behind marketing; after all, it allows you to automate processes without compromising on a personal approach. Good examples of useful marketing technologies are email marketing or marketing automation. But don't forget technologies like voice search, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and programmatic advertising; these have a strong influence on the current and future marketing landscape.

By including certain technologies in your marketing approach, you can automate, work more efficiently, create a sustainable advantage over your competitors, gain insight into the ROI of your marketing activities, personalize and formulate a future-proof strategy. So, technology really lies at the heart of your marketing approach. This does not mean that you have to apply every new technology in your approach, but it is important to see which marketing technology helps you to pursue your marketing objectives more successfully and efficiently.


Sales technology

Technology is as much an indispensable part of sales as it is of marketing: the right software combined with the right strategy can provide an improved customer experience, relationship management and an increase in customer acquisition. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the most obvious sales technology. This software ensures that all customer information is stored and processed in one place. In CRM systems, Artificial Intelligence is also being used more and more; with Salesforce, for example, you can already use the tool "Einstein" with which leads are automatically qualified by means of predictive lead scoring.

CRM is of course not the only sales technology. Think of sales tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, quotation tools, chatbots and live chat options on websites, databases, call tracking and sales alerts. For sales, it's all about making the process more efficient with the help of technology, so that the sales staff can put all their energy into what they are good at: selling.

Did you know, for example, that 72% of sales people spend at least one hour a day filling in customer information and transferring data between systems? Also, a lot of time is lost searching for the necessary information and suitable content to send to potential customers. This can be done much more efficiently by making technology work for you and save you time for the important tasks.

Connecting marketing and sales technologies

Marketing and sales technology should not only work for the departments, but cooperation between the systems is also necessary. Connections between different technologies ensure an integrated system and alignment between your marketing and sales departments. Nowadays, for example, software is increasingly being brought onto the market in which marketing automation and CRM are offered within a single package. Thanks to this possibility, marketing can send relevant leads directly to sales, including all the data and information they have already collected about this lead.

It is therefore essential to consider your use of technology and tools and to ask yourself whether it is sufficiently supportive of the goals that you as marketing and sales want to achieve. To make your teams work more efficiently, and to support a well-oiled collaboration between marketing and sales, implementing the right technology is an essential step that needs to be taken.

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