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The advantages of Salesforce in a nutshell:


  • Build and manage customer experiences and get the most out of each touchpoint, using personalization.
  • Easily link multiple apps and products within one central platform.
  • Work faster, more efficiently and without obstacles within the cloud.
  • Improve lead conversion by guiding them from A to Z through the buyer journey.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the number one CRM software in the world. With Salesforce, you can take the automation of your sales and marketing to unprecedented heights. Thanks to a wide range of applications within one central platform that connects them, Salesforce offers many useful functionalities for both sales and marketing. The advanced technology guides the customer effortlessly through the buyer journey.


A recent Salesforce survey conducted among 3,500 marketers found that 65% of modern B2B customers consider changing their brand if their communication is not personalized. So, personalization is necessary to remain relevant, and how can it be easier to personalize than with artificial intelligence (AI)? More than 57% of respondents indicated that AI is essential in delivering 1-on-1 communication. The buyer journey plays an important role in this: 76% are convinced that having a buyer journey that maps all touchpoints and channels is crucial for success. 


B2B Salesforce

Some of the products that are relevant for B2B organizations are Salesforce Sales Cloud (CRM) and Pardot (Marketing Automation). A combination of these two applications is ideal to create a future-proof, data-driven B2B organization. Not only does this make marketing and sales work more efficiently, this combination of Salesforce products also allows you to create alignment between the marketing and sales teams.


Salesforce Sales cloud

Sales Cloud is Salesforce's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. With this system you can easily store customer information and follow up leads in a productive and structured way. Within this software you can set up a personalized sales process for each customer and build valuable relationships by connecting all the applications you use into the salesforce platform.

The Salesforce Sales Cloud contains Artificial Intelligence (AI): with the function "Einstein" lead scores are predicted and recommendations are made as to what are the best next steps. Einstein can not only predict, but also automate, so that you can quickly do something with the collected insights. With Salesforce Sales Cloud and Einstein you give a whole new dimension to your sales process.


Pardot is Salesforce’s marketing automation software, especially designed for B2B. With Pardot you can do everything you can expect from a marketing automation package, and more. In addition to lead qualification, scoring and nurturing, you can set up real-time notifications based on the behavior of leads, create forms, set up A/B tests for landing pages and calculate your marketing ROI.

Pardot is therefore a tool that can help your organization with:

If you link Pardot with Sales cloud, all relevant information that marketing has collected about prospects will transfer directly to the CRM system. This way, you create full insight into the buyer journey and you have a 360 view of your prospects. Sales can therefore enter the sales conversation as prepared as one can be.


Purchasing Salesforce through Lead Today

We are a certified partner of Salesforce. As part of our growth strategy, we determine whether to purchase or replace marketing and sales software. Does Salesforce fit your organizational structure and objectives? Then we implement Salesforce within your organization. We also offer guidance during the transition and set-up and during the initial phase of using Salesforce.

Salesforce for your organization?

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