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Sales enablement

Helping your sales team become more efficient and effective. 

Sales enablement explained

Sales enablement gives your sales team a boost. In short, sales enablement is about making sales resources like information, content and tools available to your sales team to help them become more efficient and effective in seducing potential customers. Think of training, quotations and content.

With the right sales tools, skills and resources, you enable your sales team to perform their best and generate as many customers as possible. Next to marketing, sales is the driving force behind successful lead generation. A successful sales enablement program therefore has a big impact on the growth goals of an organization. 


To make the most of sales, product and sales training is essential. Sales teams must be up to date on all the ins and outs of a product or service, but also on new tools and sales techniques. By developing the knowledge and skills of sales employees, you will enable them to answer any customer question successfully and make sure they are never lost for words.



A sales cowboy without a quotation is a lot less impressive, than one with a quotation. It’s like an actual cowboy with his revolver; he always needs to be able to draw it at the exact right time. Therefore, it’s important to make sure a standard quotation is included in your sales enablement program, so sales employees can easily fill one out and send it to (potential) customers. This saves time, as time is money.


Content is an important component of the sales process and therefore essential to include in your sales enablement program. From brochures to emails, cases and pitches; the (potential) customer has become a lot more demanding and expects engaging, personal content.  Within most organizations content is stored in many different places, making it harder for sales to find it. By storing all content sales needs in one central spot, sales can focus on what they’re good at; selling. This means sales doesn’t have to go looking all over for relevant or – even worse – write content themselves.  

This is where sales needs to join forces with marketing. With the help of a well-oiled collaboration between marketing and sales, engaging and relevant content can be developed that matches each phase of the buyer journey. Together, sales and marketing have the combined knowledge and skills to develop content that creates an optimal customer experience.


Tools for an optimal sales process

An optimal sales process matches the marketing efforts seamlessly. The leads that marketing has collected and nurtured should be followed up by sales, in a way that is in line with the previous communication leads have had with marketing. Ideally, all this information should be recorded in a CRM system and sales gradually updates this system with the new contact moments. In this way, a personal and involved approach is guaranteed and there’s a greater chance of success.

Sales doesn’t just wait around for marketing to collect leads, however. It’s also important that sales employees actively expand their network, through social selling or at events. By nurturing relationships new sales opportunities arise. Several sales tools could be used for this, which make the life of a sales employee a lot easier. Some of the available sales tools:


Make sure there’s a good combination of software, tools and manual processes in place. All systems should work together in harmony and make the sales process more efficient, not more complicated. That is what sales enablement is all about. For example, you could make a list of the various functions and activities and determine how and with which tool they can be made more efficient.

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