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Qualitative lead generation

How to generate a predictable and continuous flow of quality leads.

Lead generation

Lead generation simply refers to collecting leads, or potential customers, to further convince them to buy your product or service. This can be done through both online and offline channels. Over the past decade, online lead generation in particular has proven to be very effective for companies in the B2B sector. What many successful companies have in common is that they know how to make optimal use of the digital landscape to generate leads and invest less in offline options.

Online lead generation

With online lead generation you can think of generating leads by means of a contact or lead form on your website. Leads leave their data in exchange for content, an answer to their question or results of a quiz or test. Think of content such as a whitepaper, E-book, worksheet or template. This way of generating leads is often linked to an inbound marketing strategy. Other forms of online lead generation are social selling, online advertising and email marketing.

Offline lead generation

Of course you can also recruit leads outside the online world. This can be done via your network, via trade fairs or events or by using telemarketing. Although online lead generation is very popular, it depends on the organization which form of lead generation is most effective. An optimal lead generation strategy generally makes use of a combination of online and offline channels.

Buying leads

It's possible to purchase leads based on a number of selection criteria. Provided these purchased leads are qualitative and relevant for your organization, this is definitely an option to consider. However, this is a short-term solution for a bigger problem: not being able to generate sufficient qualitative leads independently on a continuous basis.

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At Lead Today, we believe in creating a continuous and predictable flow of leads. By using a combination of relevant channels and lead generation types we find the perfect lead generation strategy for your organization.