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    • Professionalizing the marketing and sales processes within Zegro.
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    • Building & expanding the marketing processes
    • Making the marketing activities profitable
    • Align sales processes with marketing activities
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    • 800 leads generated 
    • Positive ROI 
    • Marketing goals achieved


The Zegro family business was founded over 45 years ago. Zegro is a purely Rotterdam based wholesaler for the hospitality industry and large-scale consumers. With a personal and customer-friendly way of doing business, Zegro has been supplying catering establishments in the Rotterdam region for many years. With a heart for the hospitality industry, Zegro, together with its partners and customers, achieves its ambitions.


Despite the successful formula, Zegro's growth is not yet at the desired level. There are still many untapped opportunities in the field of marketing and sales. For example, until 2 years ago, marketing was hardly used. We have therefore worked on 3 challenges with Zegro:

  • Expanding and setting up the marketing activities and processes.
  • Making the marketing activities profitable and getting returns on investments made.
  • Helping sales become more efficient and effective. 

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Building up marketing

Zegro's marketing activities could still be expanded considerably. That's why we made an inventory of the necessary components and set them up together with the marketing team. This included tackling the website, marketing channels and processes. 


With the relevant channels at Zegro's disposal, marketing and lead generation campaigns could be initiated and executed. Successful campaigns were carried out to acquire new customers and to enthuse existing customers. Attention was also paid to the customer of the future by organizing the Next Gen. Chef of Rotterdam cooking competition in collaboration with De Buik Agency.  


A profitable marketing department

The campaigns carried out have also ensured that the marketing department has recouped its investment. The turnover generated by the marketing activities has yielded a positive return. This means that the marketing department has been successfully transformed. Now it is important to maintain this and to expand the campaigns even further.  


Providing insight into sales

An efficient sales process is needed to actually convert the marketing efforts. At the moment, this sales process is not entirely transparent and the phase from lead follow-up to satisfied customer is not yet predictable. To achieve predictable results, we will implement a new (pre)sales module within the existing CRM and take a closer look at the sales processes.



In the past 2 years we have been able to achieve good results for Zegro. Some of the results achieved so far:

  • Built up the marketing department of Zegro.
  • Introduction of new channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. 
  • More than 800 leads acquired with marketing and lead generation campaigns. 
  • Achieved a positive ROI. 
  • Designed and implemented a new functional website. 
  • Set up processes and strategies for marketing, communication and sales.  

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