Lead Today

Our Work

With over 16 years of experience in different industries, we dare say we know marketing and sales within the B2B sector. Our work consists of taking advantage of marketing and sales opportunities within B2B organizations, in order to make business growth possible. We do this by going off the beaten track.

We formulate and implement a structured and future-proof marketing and sales approach. This approach is based on the Lead Today Growth model, which is based on our years of knowledge and experience in the B2B sector. Our people actually jump aboard to build a well-oiled marketing and sales machine together.

Who we work for

We work for B2B organizations with an ambition to grow and who aren’t afraid to ask for help with this. Selling to companies is a lot more difficult, but also more satisfying and challenging. Thanks to our 16 years of experience in different industries in the B2B sector, we know how to approach marketing and sales and where the opportunities for growth lie. We work a lot for companies in the business services sector, but we are also familiar with projects in, for example, the real estate sector or charity. However, we are also open to new challenges.