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Aligning marketing and sales

Marketing and sales stand together in promoting a brand and generating new business. They share the same end goals, focus on the same target audience(s) and act with the same organization at heart. Together they make sure that potential clients are attracted and persuaded into becoming actual clients. One team makes the first move, and the other finishes it; an optimal alignment you would say.

In this whitepaper you will learn more about:


  • The importance of collaboration between marketing and sales
  • What the role of both teams should be
  • How you make sure that marketing and sales become a well-oiled lead generation machine
  • Which important role marketing automation plays in this collaboration



The gap between marketing and sales

Despite these similarities, there is often still a gap detected between marketing and sales. This is due to a lack of sympathy and miscommunication between these teams. Research conducted by Hubspot even finds that 87% of all definitions that marketing and sales teams use to describe one another, has a negative connotation! This is the opposite of what marketing and sales should pursue: collaboration and alignment.


The key to success

The extent to which marketing and sales collaborate is determining their success. When this collaboration is optimal, leads are effortlessly generated and converted to customers. Organizations with a well-oiled collaboration between marketing and sales can achieve a 10% increase in annual turnover. But how do you achieve this ultimate state of brotherhood between marketing and sales?

To establish a good collaboration between marketing and sales, it is essential to have a shared vision. This means, among other things, that the teams should have the same definitions of what is an ideal customer and a qualitative lead, and that it’s clear which roles and responsibilities marketing and sales have. Additionally, the teams must be aware of each other’s objectives and align their activities on the achievement of their shared goals. They must plan regular meetings where marketing and sales come together to give each other feedback and to discuss the quality of the generated leads. It is interaction, understanding and collaboration between these two departments that can eventually achieve success.

In our whitepaper we’re happy to tell you more about how you can turn marketing and sales into a well-oiled lead generation machine, in order to receive a predictable flow of qualitative leads that eventually makes business growth possible. Fill out the form at the top of this page and get your own copy!

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