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Marketing automation

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Recognize these questions? Marketing automation is the answer:


  • Which potential customers are most interesting?
  • What are leads most interested in?
  • Where are leads in the buyer journey?
  • Which campaigns are most effective?
  • Where in the funnel do my leads stop and why?
  • When are leads 'sales-ready'?

About marketing automation

Marketing automation is a tool to guide your (potential) customers towards a purchase, by sharing personalized and relevant content at the right time, through the right channel. Marketing automation also contributes to the optimization of the collaboration between marketing and sales.

With the right marketing automation software and a targeted marketing approach, leads are converted to customers more efficiently than ever before, by both marketing and sales. But where do you start? A good starting point is to dig into the possibilities of marketing automation and how it can contribute to the goals you want to achieve.

Smart functionalities of marketing automation

These questions can be answered by tracking lead and visitor behavior, automating and making marketing processes predictable, and leading leads through the funnel and convert them, which you can do with marketing automation. With the help of marketing automation software, your marketing team can turn into a collection of true marketing gurus. Now let’s discuss the functionalities that allow the software to do what it promises:


Lead grading

Send only the best leads to sales with lead grading! Don't waste your sales time by forwarding unqualified leads. By using variables such as company size, job title and industry, you can create a profile of the ideal lead. The marketing automation software automatically analyzes the similarities between an incoming lead and the set profile, and assigns a letter to the lead. This way you know exactly which leads fit your requirements.


Lead scoring

Marketing automation has more to offer than just lead grading. Lead scoring helps you to determine even more specifically which leads are interested enough to be redirected to sales. With lead scoring, points are awarded to each lead on the basis of the actions that the lead has taken. Think of visiting a page, opening an email or downloading an e-book or whitepaper.



It is likely that you are offering different types of services and/or products, to several target groups or segments. Where one person reads a blog about topic A, the other has found your website by searching for topic B. In order to provide all these leads with different interests with personalized content, you can create workflows with the help of marketing automation.

A workflow is a defined route based on previously displayed behavior, which can vary from lead to lead. Based on their interest in a particular topic and their behavior, they are guided through a workflow that shows them content tailored to their needs. The workflow can be full of a series of automated emails, a number of download suggestions or an offer.


Once you've decided to opt for marketing automation, it's time to select the right package for your organization. There are many marketing automation software packages on the market, so the choice can be overwhelming. Each of these software packages has its own characteristics and possibilities. As a certified partner of Act-on, Hubspot and Salesforce we like to share our knowledge about these marketing automation packages.

The most popular program for B2B lead generation is Salesforce Pardot. Pardot makes lead grading, closing deals and maximizing ROI easy and user friendly. In addition, there are possibilities to link CRM systems. For example, you can link Pardot to the Salesforce Sales Cloud, making it easier for marketing and sales to collaborate.

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