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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The ultimate social selling tool to reach your ideal prospects with an account based marketing strategy.

About LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the best tool to personally approach your ideal prospects. The use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a form of social selling; putting social media to use for sales activities. With the help of Sales Navigator you can easily search for your target group, send them personal messages, and build valuable business relationships. This LinkedIn tool ensures that you can realize your account based marketing approach on the number one social media platform for business.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for B2B

For B2B companies with a clear prospect list, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great sales tool. By clearly mapping out the companies on the prospect list and their decision makers, finding common connections or interests and following what they are doing, it is possible to make personal contact, instead of using a cold approach. People are more likely to buy from someone they know and/or with whom they have a personal relationship. With the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator you increase your sales opportunities.


What can you do with it?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator contains a large number of possibilities to generate qualitative leads: you can look up relevant leads and accounts, track their activities and send a personal message via InMail. LinkedIn Sales Navigator has an advanced search function that allows you to find and save your ideal prospect. By responding to a message or activity of a lead, you can show commitment and start building a professional relationship. Below you will find an explanation of the different functionalities of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


Search for relevant accounts

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator you can search very specifically for people or companies you want to target. Think about company size, education, industry, experience, position or location. It is also possible to create a link with, for example, Salesforce to import CRM data. With the advanced search system 'Lead Builder' it is then possible to find qualitative leads. The found leads can easily be stored in a so-called lead list. Based on your sales activity and preferences, you can then get recommendations from LinkedIn, which makes the search process considerably easier and more efficient.

Have insight into the behavior of accounts

Your saved leads, which are in the lead list, can be monitored. It's easy to track the behavior of leads - such as posting or sharing, or changing jobs - and to respond to them in real time. This way, you'll always find an entry to start a conversation and win them over. In addition, you have extensive insights into who has visited your profile, which you can check up until 90 days ago.


Contact prospects via InMail

When you have found an interesting lead, you want to contact them to tell them what you have to offer. Through the InMail function of LinkedIn Sales Navigator you can send up to 20 personal messages without the need for an email address. If you purchase one of the extensive LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscriptions, you can also send images or presentations to your leads with Pointdrive.

Another additional feature is "Team Link": this allows you to see who within your sales team has the best connection with a lead. By connecting the network of all your colleagues, you have a larger pool of people you can approach and it is easier to stay away from a cold sales approach.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about how we would implement an ABM approach within your organization using LinkedIn Sales Navigator? Please contact us!