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Growth strategy

We help your organization get a grip on business growth by optimizing marketing and sales.

Business growth: how to

Without a growth strategy in place, business growth is nothing more than an illusion. Business growth can be defined in many ways: more staff, more customers, more revenue, or more profit. But in order to grow sustainably, the ability of an organization to generate a continuous flow of customers is crucial. In order to become capable of doing this, we focus on the development of a growth strategy for marketing and sales. After all, these departments are responsible for the acquisition of new customers.

Business growth through a realistic growth strategy

We focus on natural, autonomous growth; being able to grow sustainably on your own strength, with your own people, through marketing and sales alignment. Our growth strategy is focused on analyzing and optimizing marketing, sales and the collaboration between the two. From our experience we know that if marketing and sales are a well-oiled lead generation machine, lead generation becomes an effortless process.

When talking about marketing and sales, B2B companies distinguish themselves by having a structured way of working. Marketing and sales processes are repeatable and predictable steps. When these steps are being taken by teams that are perfectly aligned, you can build a well-oiled lead generation machine.

At Lead Today, we formulate a tailor-made growth strategy for our customers, based on our growth model. This model contains 6 pillars from which we evaluate and advise:


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This pillar digs into the positioning of the organization. We zoom in on marketing and sales, determine if there is enough insight into the market and if the strategy is based on this insight.



The collaboration between marketing and sales is being focused on: are marketing and sales pursuing shared goals? Are meetings planned regularly where feedback is given and action points are formulated?



This pillar zooms in on the execution of the strategy and maps the marketing and sales tools that are currently in use. Which channels are used to communicate the message and why? Are these channels being deployed in a smart and effective way?



Which software and tools are being used by marketing and sales? Do these fit the organization and the formulated strategy and goals? Are they being implemented in the right way and are they achieving the desired results?



To attract and convince prospects, processes must be efficiently organized. Are all the marketing- and sales processes insightful and documented within the teams? Is there a predictable marketing and sales funnel? Do the processes have a clear structure?


Data & insight

It is important to make your marketing and sales efforts measurable! Ask yourself to which extent data is being gathered and analyzed within your company. Is the strategy continuously being optimized based on data? By doing data analysis you can gain insight into your marketing and sales funnel, and find out what a certain activity brings you in terms of new customers. This way you can base your strategic decisions on facts.

Growing through a repeatable and predictable process

Business growth is no black box, or only dependent of the persuasive powers of sales. It exists of concrete steps that you can take which will lead to concrete growth results. By bringing structure tot he marketing and sales processes, we make sure that growth ánd continuity is achieved. This makes that an organization a scalable and predictable grower, where setbacks are being handled well without having to slow down the long-term growth process. This is the basis of years of growth, and in our eyes the ultimate goals of every organization.

Want to know more? 

On the basis of how an organization scores on the six pillars, we create ánd implement a growth strategy, in which we optimize marketing and sales and clear the path to business growth. Do you want this for your organization? Contact us!