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Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you can use valuable data and build a data driven marketing strategy.

Our Google Analytics approach consists of:


  • Set up a measurement plan on the basis of KPI’s
  • Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics set up
  • Possible: integration of systems
  • Monthly reports and dashboarding
  • Support where needed

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most used web analytics platform worldwide that allows organizations to gather and analyze data from their website and other online channels. This tool offers a wide range of possibilities, like measuring website performance, retargeting website visitors and tracking their online behavior. In order to use all of the options this platform offers, a careful and strategic approach is required. Lead Today is happy to support you with the implementation of Google Analytics, to provide insight into your marketing results and optimize accordingly.

The benefits of Google Analytics


Google Analytics is being deployed to measure online channel performance and to gain insight into the behavior of website visitors. To convert as many website visitors to customers, you need to know which parts of your website do and which don’t contribute to this objective. Google Analytics provides more insight into your (potential) customers, results and missed opportunities. Based on this data you can adapt and optimize your marketing activities in order to maximize conversions.

Another big advantage of Google Analytics is that it’s free to use, user friendly and is contains extensive tracking possibilities. By setting up this tool in the right way, you can make full use of these possibilities. Although the standard statistics and dimensions in Google Analytics can give a good overall picture of website performance, we can set up Google Analytics in a way that the data your see is relevant to your organization and its objectives.

Google Analytics 360


In March 2016 Google introduced Google Analytics 360 Suite. This is the platform where all Google products come together in one single dashboard. This is the perfect solution for companies that need to switch between marketing analytics and integrated data products. Google calls it the ideal measurement platform. It offers a solution for gaining insight into the whole buyer journey, making data easy to understand an visualize, and sharing data with colleagues.

A part of the Google Suite is Google Analytics 360 (before Google Analytics premium). This is the paid and most advanced version of Google Analytics, meant for companies that want to make full use of the range of possibilities the platform offers. These are things like integrations with other Google products or Salesforce software, extensive reporting options and more recent & complete data processing. So, with Google Analytics 360 you have more capacity to process data and integrate it with other software.

Google Analytics (360) approach

Part of our tailor made growth strategy for your organization, is setting up Google Analytics. Based on your current Google Analytics use, or lack thereof, we devise a measurement plan where we determine what things we want to measure in Google Analytics or Google Analytics 360. Together with you we discuss which version of the software best fits your company’s needs.

In the measurement plan we name which events need to be measured in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. This we determine based on your company and website goals; do you want people to fill in a form on your site? Then we will measure how many people navigate to the form and how many actually fill it in. The measurement plan clarifies how Google Analytics can be set up in an optimal way that works best for your organization.

When Google Analytics is fully set up, we can start the actual job; we will provide monthly reports that provide insight into the gathered data. In the report we formulate action points based on the analyzed data, to continuously optimize. This way you always stay up-to-date on the results of your website and online channels. We see optimizing not as a project with an end date, but as an ongoing process.


Need help becoming data driven?

Are you wondering how our approach could help your organization further, or do you have a question about the implementation of Google Analytics? Then contact one of our experts!