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Digital advertising

Online advertising is the new offline advertising. Which channels do you use to bring your product or service to the attention of the target group? 

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Google Ads

Google Ads is the advertising platform of the world's largest search engine. Advertising in Google Ads often gives you a large search volume compared to other search engines. By advertising in search engines, or using Search Engine Advertising (SEA), you place advertisements on the internet for a fee. Google Ads offers possibilities in the field of remarketing, display, shopping, photo, text and video advertisements.

Facebook advertising

Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world. Today, Facebook has 2.3 billion users worldwide. Within the Netherlands there are 10.1 million Facebook users. Because Facebook collects both personal and demographic data from its users, it is possible to approach a very specific target group. 

For example, advertising on Facebook allows you to reach more people in the vicinity of your organization or to promote messages. By generating fans, a larger group of people can be reached for promoting events, collecting leads and promoting your website.


Linkedin advertising

LinkedIn is used by more than 4.6 million Dutch people and has 550,000 active visitors each day. The platform is especially relevant for B2B companies that want to promote their business services, because of the extensive targeting possibilities of the business network. It is possible to reach your target group in a very targeted way. Campaigns in which the advertisement is closely related to your target group are therefore recommended.

Advertising on LinkedIn can be done through sponsored updates, lead forms and text ads. A sponsored update is similar to boosting a post on Facebook: an already posted update is sponsored for more reach. Text advertisements (possibly with an image) appear at the top or on the right side of the website and can be seen on various LinkedIn pages. 

Instagram advertising

Instagram is an influential social media channel. Here the focus is on images and people. Advertising on this channel therefore requires a targeted approach, with an eye for the characteristics and functionalities of the channel. Advertisements can be displayed in stories and news overviews, with a direct link to the product or service page. In addition, influencers can be used, who promote and endorse products or services on their own channel.

Google Grants

Google Grants helps non-profit organizations to advertise for free on Google's search pages via Google Ads. Each month you get $10,000 (almost €9,000) to spend for free on clicks within Google Grants.

These text ads are located above and below the search results in Google. When a user clicks on the advertisement, he is redirected to the website of the organization. For non-profit organizations, this program is an excellent way to reach more people.

In order to be eligible for an account, your organization must be in possession of a CBF quality mark, or you must be recognized by the Tax and Customs Administration as a Public Benefit Entity (ANBI).

Want to get started with digital advertising?

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