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Content marketing

Inspire and show authority with a well thought-out content marketing strategy.

The value of content

Content has always been an indispensable part of all marketing activities and communication. With a good content marketing strategy, you produce relevant and qualitative content for your target group. This will inspire your future customers and demonstrate your knowledge of relevant topics. This is how you put yourself in the market as an authority, or thought leader, so you can show your prospects that they are dealing with someone who has knowledge of the business. 


Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an important role in the creation of online content. Almost everyone uses search engines such as Google. Increasing your online visibility on these channels is therefore very important for your business. With the help of search engine optimization you make sure that you score higher and are more visible in the search results of search engines, get more relevant visitors and respond to relevant searches. Search engines use various criteria to determine your position in the search results. A high ranking depends on a number of factors, including:


  • The way the website is built (technology and safety)
  • The user experience and the content of the website (user experience and content)
  • The popularity of the website (links, authority and social media)
  • The context, intention and personal preferences of the search engine user


Marketing calender

Quality is the key word in a world of information overload, where attention has become a scarcity. Your ultimate goal, in line with the inbound marketing strategy, is to spread a uniform message through different channels. How do you ensure that these actions are well coordinated? A well-structured marketing calendar helps you to plan your content and marketing activities so that you work in a structured way. 


The advantages of a marketing calender

A marketing calendar is more than an overview of all the holidays: with a marketing calendar you and your colleagues know exactly what activities will take place in the coming period and what content is needed for this. This can vary from, for example, a planned statement for the King's Day campaign to the start of a structural lead generation campaign.

The main thing is that marketing activities around such an event can be prepared in advance. Your marketing approach is then no longer determined by ad hoc, last-minute actions: a marketing calendar brings structure to your content and marketing activities. 

Of course, unplanned responses to news or recent events are also important. Of course, you want to stay up to date. But by mapping most of your marketing activities in advance, you have more time and space for these spontaneous expressions. 


Logical order of content

It's nice that a marketing calendar creates order. But it doesn't in itself give you any new leads. Fortunately, the marketing calendar has another undeniable advantage: your actions are carefully coordinated with each other. By offering content in a certain logical order during a campaign, you give the reader, as it were, a running story. This ensures that your campaign message reaches your target group better.  


Overview of campaign types 

The average marketing professional usually has to deal with a variety of content campaigns. Lead Today has listed these for you:

  • Planned campaigns

Scheduled campaigns cover scheduled events such as holidays, thought leadership campaigns or trade shows.


  • Structural lead generation campaings

Structural lead generation campaigns are not linked to events, but rather to interaction with your leads: what happens when a white paper is downloaded?


  • Ad hoc campaings

Ad hoc campaigns are used for action events, the date of which is still unknown.

Once you have made this division, you can use the marketing calendar to ensure that the campaign activities do not cross each other too much. Think carefully about who you are going to target these campaigns at. After all, you want to prevent the reader from being bombarded with content from different campaigns.


Get started with content marketing

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