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Business growth

Business growth can be achieved in many ways. How do you choose to grow your business?  

Ways to grow your business

Business growth: for many organizations the ultimate goal to pursue. After all, growth means more revenue and occupying a more prominent place in the market. But how do you make sure your organization can grow without hurting? There are several solutions to this problem and it depends on the organization which solution fits best. You can make the decision to grow independently, or by mergers, partnerships or takeovers. However, at Lead Today we believe in the independent power of organizations to establish sustainable growth by optimizing marketing and sales.

Business growth through marketing and sales optimization

Recruiting new customers is essential to achieve organic business growth. After all, without customers, there is no turnover. Marketing and sales are at the forefront when it comes to customer acquisition. Side by side, they must generate leads - and ultimately customers. The marketing and sales processes must become a well-oiled machine that delivers consistent and predictable results. This will increase your turnover and give you a grip on business growth.

In order to make this strong cooperation and organic business growth possible, it is also important to look at how internal processes within the marketing and sales teams can be organized more efficiently and whether sufficient resources are available for this, such as personnel, knowledge, skills and software. This way, you ensure that your organization can manage the growing flow of customers effectively and grow in a sustainable way.


The Lead Today approach to business growth

We believe that a well-oiled marketing and sales machine enables accelerated business growth. This approach has many similarities with Verne Harnish's Scaling Up Method. In his most important book 'Scaling Up' he identifies three obstacles to growth: leadership, scalability of infrastructure and marketing. The last two obstacles are also incorporated in our growth strategy. In this strategy we focus on the internal and external marketing and sales organization.

Growth strategy

Our growth strategy consists of two main elements. On the one hand, we draw up a lead generation plan, focused on the short term. In this plan, we formulate a series of lead generation programs in order to achieve a stable flow of leads. On the other hand, we formulate a transformation plan aimed at a long-term period, in which the current organization of marketing and sales is examined. On the basis of various transformation programs, we optimize the marketing and sales processes in order to build a future-proof organization.

Ready to grow?

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