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Account based marketing

ABM is a marketing strategy where you handpick and personally approach your ideal prospects.

What is account based marketing?

Account based marketing (ABM) is a targeted strategy that solely focuses on one or few prospects. An organization selects a couple of prospects which fit into the description of ideal customer. Next, these prospects are approached in a direct and personal way. This way, a targeted acquisition of new customers takes place where the prospects’ quality is valued over quantity.

Marketing & sales alignment

To have an effective ABM strategy, it’s necessary to have a good collaboration between marketing & sales. It’s marketing’s job to make sure sales can start the conversation well-prepared, with the right prospect. Marketing does this by doing research and prospect- and concept selection. As a result, sales can quickly reach the right prospects with the right tone-of-voice offering the right deal. This allows important prospects to be converted into valuable customers.

Do you want to know more about how to create optimal collaboration between marketing and sales? Download our whitepaper “Marketing and sales, a well-oiled lead generation machine” where we provide guidelines for realizing an optimal collaboration between your marketing and sales teams.

Account Based marketing tools

Next to having marketing and sales cooperate, it is also important to have some support coming from handy tools. The following tools and tactics are a good match when wanting to implement an account based marketing strategy:

These tools help you to personally approach a prospect and provide options regarding the gathering of data on these prospects. They allow you to develop a custom made and personal approach.

How Lead Today implements ABM

Lead Today lets companies in the B2B sector grow by optimizing the collaboration between their marketing and sales teams. Based on a number of strategic sessions, we determine which strategy best fits your company. Is this an account-based marketing strategy? Then we will develop and implement a custom made ABM strategy for your organization in three steps.

Step 1: Brainstorming account-based marketing concepts and further specifying the strategy

Step 2:  Putting the strategy into practice. Lead Today can help in the field of:

  • Software (insights/automation)
  • Data services (procurement/enrichment)
  • Training (software)
  • Campaign plans

Step 3: Achieving results! This means having meetings with prospects and generating clients. In this phase, Lead Today will provide support to sales and further optimize the strategy. This way we can work together towards good results.

Get started with ABM

Are you curious about the possibilities for your organization in the field of account based marketing? Please contact one of our experts for more information!