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We are Lead Today, a consultancy firm in the heart of Rotterdam. Pleasure to meet you! Our team of growth managers and specialists is full of knowledge and ambitions. Together we will help you make the most of the growth potential of your organization, but we are also constantly on the move ourselves.

Brand Promise

We believe that many organizations are not yet making sufficient use of their potential to grow organically. It is therefore our mission to turn growth opportunities into real growth. We do this by providing structure and fresh energy within organizations. Our growth managers actually jump aboard to build bridges between sales, marketing and management. 

However, we do not only work for, but also with the teams. Shoulder to shoulder, we tackle your challenges. Together, we put all our energy into turning these challenges into successes. In this way, we gradually prepare your organization for the future and convert dreams into concrete plans.


A glimpse of our team

<h4>A glimpse of our team</h4>

Robert de Boer


‘‘Stimulating entrepreneurs and owners to exploit the full potential of their business gives me a lot of satisfaction’’

<h4>A glimpse of our team</h4>

Mike Joppe

Head of Operations

‘‘Effectively working towards result with clear deadlines and guidelines, that's what I'm aiming for.’’

<h4>A glimpse of our team</h4>

Jaime Infante Ferreira

Head of Consultancy

‘‘What energizes me? Data-driven marketing and sales departments.’’

<h4>A glimpse of our team</h4>

Frank Boersma

Marketing Strategist

‘‘With a smart growth strategy we make the growth of your company predictable.’’

<h4>A glimpse of our team</h4>

Sabine Schmetz

Growth Manager

‘‘Change is not an isolated event, but a continuous process. I therefore always emphasize the importance of constant optimization when I’m with my clients.’’

<h4>A glimpse of our team</h4>

Xanne Geers

Sales Manager

‘‘Nowadays, sales is about much more than just a good pitch, whereas most of the buyer journey already takes place before the first contact; this is where the opportunities are.’’

Together we grow stronger

Lead Today works with renowned and trusted partners across the fields of marketing, sales and technology.

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